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Offering specialty oriental street foods since 1956


Banquets are pre-booking only 48 hours in advance as stock need to be bought, and items need to be hand made.

6pm to 7:00pm

close at 8:30pm

minimum 4 people


can be booked for during the day. Pre-booking only

12:00 to 2:30

Close at 4:00pm

minimum 4 people (as we would have to close for the day, during holiday season minimum number of people will increase)

No corkage charge but you will be require to bring your own glasses

Number changes must be done 48 hours before your evening as if you book for a certain amount  and less turn up you will be charged £15 for each person who did not arrive as apposed to full price.


We require deposits of £5 per head, please phone for detail on how to pay. 

Available now

July's Banquet Menu

Chicken and King Prawn Malaysian Satay

This is a unique sweet peanut curry, it’s very mild using very traditional Malaysian curry spices and lots of garlic, cooked with king prawns, chicken, onions and pineapple, served with shredded cucumber.

Gurkha Nepalese Curry

This was a recipe given to my family in the late 1960’s and was cooked for the Gurkha stationed in Brunei so they could feel less home sick. Chicken thigh on bone is slow cooked until very tender in a curry made from lemon grass, galangal, ginger, tomatoes, garlic and spices, cooked with onions and potatoes and finished with fresh coriander and natural yogurt

Crispy Chilli Beef

A more contemporary dry dish with North American influence that is now served over Asian, beef stripes are deep fried in a crispy batter, the drenched in a spicy sweet and sour sauce, cooked with onions, peppers, chilli and pineapple.

App Fan

Chinese roast duck is served on a bed of aromatic boiled rice the is drizzled in a sweet oyster sauce reduction and a fresh ginger, garlic and spring onion dressing (This is our favourite all time dish)

Pad Thai

(Can be made suitable for vegetarians/vegans)

Exactly as described on our main menu.

Chinese Tempura Vegetables

(suitable for vegetarians/vegans)

Chunks of carrots, courgette, pepper and onions are deep fried in a fluffy and crispy seasoned batter, served with sweet chilli dip.

Nasi Edan Gachan

(suitable for vegetarians/vegans)

A fried rice dish cooked with chicken, egg, onions, fine beans and courgettes, flavoured with garlic and chilli black bean oil and finished with Chinese rice wine.

Aromatic Boiled Rice

(suitable for vegetarians/vegans)

Crispy Vegetable spring rolls

(suitable for vegetarians)

Malaysian Prawn Crackers


Only £30 per person

Bring your own (Alcohol only) 

NO CORKAGE CHARGED but you must bring own glasses.

Soft drinks will be available to buy


Now taking bookings for any day we are open (Minimum of 4)

Please call 01634 863215 for availability
















Chinese dim sum night menu (coming soon 2018)

What is dim sum? 

What a good-looking question! Well it’s the traditional food of Chinese people, mainly steamed but full of flavour, a whole world away from the western style Chinese food you get in most takeaways and restaurants. The dishes come in small portions and is designed to pick at and be shared, like tapas food but invented 1000 years before 😉

Char Su Baow
Steamed rice buns filled with Chinese roast pork

Haeyou Ye 
Steamed Cod loin in oyster sauce, spring onion and ginger

Su Chi Baow
Steamed rice buns filled with Chinese vegetables

Nu row Chang fun
Mince beef flavored with ginger wrapped in layers of soft rice pastry sheets and steamed

Sau mai
Steamed pork and king prawns in egg pastry

Black bean and chill pork
Pork chunks steamed with black beans, ginger, spring onions and garlic

Spicy red bean King prawns
King prawns steamed in a hot bean paste and fresh chilli

Beef dumplings
Made with beef, water chestnuts, coriander and ginger

Vegetable spring rolls
Vegetable spring rolls deep fried until crispy 

Deep fried yin ton
Chinese pasteries filled with chicken, ginger and chinese mushrooms and deep fried until crispy

Law Mee
Sticky rice parcels wrapped in lotus leavesfilled with a minced chicken and peanut curry. 

£35 per person

6pm - 8pm booking only

Dim sum menu may change before bookings are taken, this is just an example menu.

Vegetarian and Vegan Banquet Nights



Bean Curd and Vegetable Rendang*

A traditional curry served during Chinese new year in Borneo, made with, coconut, lemon grass and Malaysian and Chinese spices, cooked with a bean curd (fu jook) okra, potatoes and aubergine.


Nasi Edan Gachan*

A malaysain fried rice dish, flavour with black beans, chilli oil, garlic and onions, cooked with courgette, pak choy and bean sprouts


Tom Kai Kah*

A wonderful full flavoured Thai dish, made with galangal, shallots, lemon grass, lime leaves and garlic, cooked with onions, celery, fine beans, bean sprouts, pak choy and deep fried tofu.


Fresh Rice Noodle Pad Thai*

Fresh thick rice noodles pan fired with Light and dark soy sauce, flavoured with garlic, onions, fresh coriander and peanuts, cooked with bean sprouts, pak choi and kale.


Chwan Chai Mein

A spicy traditional Chinese dish, louts root, Chinese mushrooms, pak choy and bean sprouts are cooked in a spicy red bean broth flavoured with ginger and Chinese spices, served over glass noodles.


Crispy Vegetable parcels

Deep fried parcels filled with mixed vegetables and deep fried until crispy.


Mixed vegetable fritters

Chopped mix vegetables are deep fried in fluffy batter, served with sweet chilli sauces for dipping


Aromatic Boiled Rice


Vegan Prawn crackers*

£30per person


Can be made for pescatarians at £5 extra per person, The whole banquet will be pescatarian, we can’t do half and half.


*pescatarian option, king prawns and fish depending on the dish

dishs and prices may change, this is an example menu.

all this For a banquet of 6

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